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Ranking of Fighters 0015: Capcom Fighting Evolution & Fight Club

2018-06-18 03:09 Features

First rule of Fight Club: MAYBE DON'T PLAY FIGHT CLUB.

Giant Bomb at Nite - Live From E3 2018: Nite 3

2018-06-15 00:00 Events

It's the last night of E3 2018 and it's been a long show. Time for a quiet relaxing night with some of Giant Bomb's closest friends.

Nite Three at E3 2018: Dave Lang, Adam Boyes, and John Vignocchi!

2018-06-14 24:45 Events, Features

It's finally time. Dave Lang, Adam Boyes, and John Vignocchi all join Jeff for the world's most cursed reunion.

Nite Three at E3 2018: Austin Creed, Helen McWilliams, and More!

2018-06-14 41:49 Events, Features

Nathan Vella (Capybara Games), Helen McWilliams (Harmonix), Robin Hunicke (Funomena), Austin Creed (UpUpDownDown), and Dan Ryckert talk about the best way to swallow peppers.

Nite Three at E3 2018: John Drake, Matt Pascual, and More!

2018-06-14 40:47 Events, Features

Jeff speaks with John Drake & Cowboy (Sony), Matt Pascual (Deep Silver), Kelly Wallick (Indie Megabooth), and Alex Navarro about the best anime kisses.

Nite Three at E3 2018: Janina Gavankar, Sean Krankel, and More!

2018-06-14 39:45 Events, Features

Janina Gavankar, Sean Krankel & Adam Hines (Night School Studio), and Patrick Ewing & Vincent Perea (Chance Agency) join Jeff to talk about an eternity in Hell and the lives of Uber drivers.

Nite Three at E3 2018: Drew Scanlon, Mary Kish, and More!

2018-06-14 36:04 Events, Features

Drew Scanlon (ClothMap), Mary Kish (Twitch), Giancarlo Varanini (Ubisoft), Jeff Bakalar (CNET), and Vinny Caravella get to the bottom of what's better: the crew or the couch?

Nite Three at E3 2018: Editor Check-In!

2018-06-14 48:10 Events, Features

Jeff and the crew talk Just Cause 4, Dying Light, and Jan's First E3.

Giant Bomb at Nite - Live From E3 2018: Nite 2

2018-06-14 46:29 Events

Nite 2: Phil Spencer, Ed Boon, Danny O'Dwyer, Austin Walker, and more!

Nite Two at E3 2018: Austin Walker, Danny O'Dwyer, and More!

2018-06-13 43:52 Events, Features

Austin Walker, Patrick Klepek & Danika Harrod (Waypoint), Andy MacNamara (Game Informer), Kahlief Adams (Spawn on Me), Danny O'Dwyer (NoClip) and Jeff discuss the current state of E3.